Styled Images by  Paige Rains Photography

Styled Images by Paige Rains Photography





I am a Certified Holistic Doula, Intuitive Space Holder, Astrologer, Writer and Photographer currently based in Oklahoma City. My purpose and place within my community has led me to understand my placement within the world more clearly. A calling to show up within my authenticity and allow my personal growth to be felt by others. This is my definition of a Spiritual Space Holder.

I am on Mother Earth to help the world wake up into a reality that is centered around love and connection once again. In order to do this, I had to experience trauma, illness and repeated patterns in relationships. I am grateful for all the contrast. I am even more grateful when I align with those with a similar journey, and we can heal further together.



As a birth worker I see myself as a witness, balanced space holder and energetic touchstone for women. I innately believe our bodies are brilliant and are the bridge between realms. Each and every healthy woman can follow the flow of her body and its guidance during each stage of birth. My mission is to remind each woman I work with of this primal, otherworldly power she possess within her heart. And how we can unravel from the fear and conditioning that tells us otherwise. I was directed towards this path to be a part of seeing a new wave of souls come onto this planet. I desire to help guide women back to the sacredness of birth, and help end the cycles of trauma through my of awareness as a Divine Feminine.



I truly believe every single human has the ability to tap into the same stream of conscious energy. An energy we each were created from that is not bound by time or space. I am merely a space holder to nudge you back into this knowing.

I see patterns through my minds eye and use astrology, shadow work/subconscious unraveling, and plant medicine. These patterns are what keeps each of us in a subconscious loop of creating the same outcomes each day, matching with the same relationships, and feeling stuck.


My words are a reflection of my own inner healing and perception. I have a 3rd house stellium within my chart in the house of Gemini. Communication through writing, connection and authentic emotions is my release. You can follow my Blog to connect through Astrological insights, channeled revelations and insights on Holistic Birthing.

My first poet memoir, stardust & skin is one that unveils my current life path. I am a life path number 9. This poetic memoir highlights all of my necessary moments of joy and pain. My intention for each word I write, is to help others find resonance within each emotion, defeat and triumph. So they might awaken to their own innate power within themselves.


Since 2011, I have evolved as a photographer and feel I finally found my style and direction. Ethereal Surrealism is the best way I feel to describe my work. I love all things other-worldly, while also finding a way to pull the beauty, uniqueness and brilliance from each soul I work with. My focus is to pull the Higher Self version of our being into the light of imagery.

I am a Mother to a beautiful soul named Justice. He was my golden key to reawakening within myself and remembering my own inner truth.