• Sun, Ascending + Moon Sign (Primal Triad)

  • Your House Placements

  • North + South Nodes

  • Venus

  • Stellium Placements

*Your Primal Triad and aspects that direct towards ancestral patterns and healing are examined first.

After those key aspects, we will shift towards aspects in which you desire more clarity for your current life path. This may be healing/shadow work aspects, or aspects that specifically direct us towards your potential future. Remember that you are always in control of your future pathway. By each decision you make on a daily basis, you are mapping your experience during this incarnation.


(Skype or In-Person)

  • 1 PERSON - $75.00 (60 minute session)

  • 1 PERSON $90.00 (90 minute session)

  • COUPLE - $160.00 (2 hour session)

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