At our core level we all desire to be seen, loved and heard. Especially within larger groups or organizations when we gather in collective assembly. 

While communication and co-creation can be easy for some, authentic relating and connection through conscious communication, is a learned skill we must all give our time and energy into achieving. The relationships we find through self-awareness and higher levels of emotional intelligence, will undoubtedly lead us to wanting more long lasting connections.

How we communicate defines how we relate to others and when done through the  heart and current desires, we can begin to remove our masks and allow ourselves to be fully seen without fear or shame. We each live in our own singular reality, while simultaneously coexisting with others for growth. Through learning our own individual triggers, desires and even love languages - we create together from the heart.

Authentic Relating Games are a deeper way of learning more about ourselves, our team/friendships, and what each of us  contains beneath the surface. Awareness of the Self, vulnerability and openness are key foundations. These games consist of interactions with the entire group, smaller groups (pods) and one-on-one interactions using stem sentence questions. This is how we practice the balance of giving and receiving successfully within our relationships.


Core Agreements

1. Respect Yourself - You are your main priority

2. Lean Into Your Edge - Go a little beyond your comfort zone

3. Stay Present - Remain connected to your sensations, emotions, and needs during the night

4. Retroactive Confidentiality - Respecting the container of the group and keeping all information said during the evening confidential

5. Check Your Assumptions - We all have different ideas and are at different stages of our lives. Consent and holding back judgement, helps us connect deeper



To create long lasting shifts and impacting interactions, each workshop should be at least 3 hours in length.


(3 hour minimum/5 hour maximum)

Workshops Include: 

-Personalized game outline and topic

-In-depth discussion on the steps to a deeper level of emotional intelligence as individuals

-Personalized handouts to continue the practice as a team/group and as individuals

Britt Johnson | Circling Facilitator