Brittany Johnson

Sagittarius Sun - Libra Rising - Scorpio Moon - Venus in Sagittarius 


During this lifetime, 

I have always felt as if I was a soul who had returned to a place I have traveled hundreds of times. And with each time, the shock of coming back takes me years to settle into. As a little girl, I found more of me was interested in the stars than my presence here on earth. (starseed mind) For over a decade, I silently wrote my struggles and journey through poetry. Words filled my journals that were both joyful and full of a pain that I did not know how to heal. I felt completely alone in my own reality where no a soul on earth could understand.

As a healer born into this life for the purpose of healing myself and others, I had to do just that. I had to learn how to heal myself. But before I was able to see clearly, be jolted and conscious to my own self-awareness; I sat in my pain with little hope. I did not know how to understand everything I was feeling and could not change my mind about my self-worth and feelings of abandonment. 

I sat in an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship for over 10 years. I cut my body off from my own pleasure. I become pregnant twice and chose to have an abortion. I silenced my voice for so long that I accumulated cancer. I kept my father issues silent and pretended they didn't bother me. I became a mother to a beautiful, masculine soul. I kept repeating patterns of lover relationships that did not create the foundation or fulfill the desires that I seek. I hid my light and brilliance from others because I did not believe in my own magic.

I sat there until I didn't anymore.  I made a choice to wake the fuck up, change my life, move forward, forgive myself and others. I am grateful for my past and all that I experienced. This is now just a story that I no longer give power. I use it to help those around me heal, but I no longer choose to make it a part of my identity.

I choose to show up for myself everyday. I choose to be authentic, clear about my desires and create boundaries.

From life experience and the knowledge I have acquired from mentors and teachers, I now choose to go towards bliss and joy. I look forward to sharing all of me to anyone I align with so that we can heal, together.


Love + Magic,