Britt Johnson

Sagittarius Sun - Libra Rising - Scorpio Moon


a poet of soulful intensity, a creator of magical worlds through a camera lens, a space holder for Higher Self channeling, an Astrologer and Mother. Titles may be important to some degree for this current experience. but I am changing weekly and sometimes daily. Forever in a state of fiery creativity. Living within the Now is my current focus when it comes to all formats of art, poetry, or space holding offerings I release into the world. A plan of intent is necessary. And then, II let the Universe do the rest.


INTUITION - I have always felt as if I was a soul who had returned to a planet I have traveled to hundreds of times. And with each time, the shock of coming back takes me years to settle into. As a little girl, I found more of me was interested in the stars than my Humanness. I truly believe every single human has the ability to tap into the same stream of conscious energy. Unbound by time or space. I am merely a space holder to nudge you back into this knowing. I feel as though Clairvoyant ( I see) and Clairsentient (I feel) best describes my direction of awareness.

WRITING - My words are for my inner healing. I have a 3rd House Stellium within my chart, so communication through writing, is my release. My first poet memoir, stardust & skin is one that unveils completely, my current life path My intention for all my writing is that others may find resonance within the emotion, and awaken back to their own innate power.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Since 2011, I have evolved as a photographer and feel I finally found my style and direction. Ethereal Surrealism is the best way I feel to describe my work. I love all things other-worldly, while also finding a way to pull the beauty, uniqueness and brilliance from each person I work with.

I am a Mother to a soul named Justice. A glorious being here to help create a new kind of world!

Sagittarius Sun - Scorpio Rising - Libra Moon



A space for cosmic expanding, earth connecting, soul embracing love.