Brittany Johnson

During this lifetime, I have always felt as if I was a soul who had returned to a place I have traveled hundreds of times. And with each time, the shock of coming back takes me years to settle into. As a little girl, I found more of me was interested in the stars than my presence here on earth. I would stare at them as if I was staring at a home I didn't know how to travel back to. For over a decade, I silently wrote my struggles and journey through poetry. Words filled my journals that were both joyful and full of a pain that I did not know how to heal. One day, I learned that a camera and deep words written within many notebooks, could be my canvas for the scenes in my dreams, meditative state, and places I feel my soul desires to explore. I am beginning to let go of the expectation of others, their views and opinions, and I know exactly who I desire to be and who I am, a little more each day.


Life experience has taught me that within each of us lives a wildly unapologetic, creative, sensual woman that is ready to rise. Through the ups and downs of life, my journey has created a beautiful avenue of inner knowledge, a drive for co-creation, expansion and unconditional love.

Our paths are uniquely different and diverse. But within each one of us, we embody an ancient knowledge that can be applied to our everyday. My intention is to help spark that knowledge awake within you, helping you to RISE your inner VENUS.

We each have come forth on this earth to help one another expand, grow and shift back towards the love that we contain within us. My purpose is to merely help you remember the brilliance of your inner guidance system, the passion that lives within you + the unconditional love that surrounds you. Although this is a coaching course, I also pay careful attention to what each client needs, through energy + intuition. Providing extended attention to certain elements can be expected for some.

Through this 6-12 week course, we will shed layers, conditioned thought patterns, tap into our inner wisdom, create self-love + manifest all that we desire, together. Whether we share this experience across the country, around the world through Skype, or together in my home, we will take the leap forward as one..

Love+ Magic,