Britt Johnson

Sagittarius Sun - Libra Rising - Scorpio Moon


INTUITIVE ABILITIES/EMPATH- I have always felt as if I was a soul who had returned to a planet I have traveled to hundreds of times. And with each time, the shock of coming back takes me years to settle into. As a little girl, I found more of me was interested in the stars than my presence here on Earth. For over a decade, I silently wrote my struggles and journey through poetry. One day I found a camera and became obsessed with making my visions come to life. All things mystical and sci-fi have always intrigued me. I feel that anything imagined is real within some dimension. And every single human has the ability to tap into the same stream of intuitive energy. Unbound by time or space.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Since 2011, I have evolved as a photographer and feel that I finally found my style and direction. Ethereal Surrealism is the best way I feel to describe my work. I love all things other-worldly, while also finding a way to pull the beauty, uniqueness and brilliance from each person I work with. Over time, I have taken many breaks from photography and changed my viewpoint many times on the direction that best displayed my imagination.

SHADOW WORK - I once did not know how to process everything I was feeling and had difficulty changing my mind about my self-worth and feelings of abandonment. I sat in an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship for over 10 years. I cut my body off from feeling my own desires. And I didn’t think I had the strength within to take the leap into the unknown. I silenced my voice for so long that I accumulated cancer. I kept my father issues silent and pretended they didn't bother me. I became a mother to a beautiful, masculine soul. I kept repeating patterns of lover relationships that did not create the foundation I was desiring. I hid my light and brilliance from other’s because I did not believe in my own gifts and abilities. I have learned over time how to better dive into my own shadow self, before holding space for others to do the same.

From this current life experience, innate knowledge, and the knowledge I have acquired from mentors and teachers, I now choose to go towards bliss and joy. I look forward to sharing all of my inner fiery spirit to anyone who wants to connect, expand and heal together.

 Love + Magic, Britt

I am a Mother to a soul named Justice. A glorious being here to help create a new kind of world!



A space for cosmic expanding, earth connecting, soul embracing love.