Brittany Johnson

Sagittarius Sun - Libra Rising - Scorpio Moon - Sagittarius in Venus


During this lifetime, I have always felt as if I was a soul who had returned to a place I have traveled hundreds of times. And with each time, the shock of coming back takes me years to settle into. As a little girl, I found more of me was interested in the stars than my presence here on earth. I would stare at them as if I was staring at a home I didn't know how to travel back to. For over a decade, I silently wrote my struggles and journey through poetry. Words filled my journals that were both joyful and full of a pain that I did not know how to heal. One day, I learned that a camera and deep words written within many notebooks, could be my canvas for the scenes in my dreams, meditative state, and places I feel my soul desires to explore. I am beginning to let go of the expectation of others, their views and opinions, and I know exactly who I desire to be and who I am, a little more each day.

Love + Magic,