A Little Bit About Me

My name is Britt Johnson and I'm a Sagittarius Woman.
My ascending is Libra and my Moon is in Scorpio. I say and do a lot of intense things, while surrounding myself in as much beauty as possible.(Venus is my ruling planet)

I am a Certified Holistic Doula based in Oklahoma City. My focus is Psychological Birthing. I'll also be incorporating Astrology and all things metaphysically healing within my journey with women, and their partners into the role of Mother.

I assist individuals with womb healing, sacred sexuality, creative self-expression and archetypal embodiment techniques with Goddess energies.

I am an Evolutionary Astrologer who guides humans through their planets and placements. My hope is this knowing will spark remembrance, healing and guidance within.

I am a Writer and creative who uses words and images to hold space for inner power remembrance. Through my own healing and ascension, I am a space holder for shadow work/pattern recognition, energy alignment, and emotional connection through authentic reality.

I've finally feel I've found a way to incorporate all I give of myself within service, into my sessions with beautiful souls living their human experience.

Whether this be in birth, astrology, cacao ceremony or in-depth healing sessions - I see the foundational components within them all. We each find our true selves and power when we release shame, guilt and all the masks we've been wearing.

When we get to the root cause of our pain and false conditioning, we begin to stop temporarily muting the symptoms with addiction. We link it all together and find a space to forgive, let go and be free from the identity we so desperately wanted to hold onto. I am merely a mirror and perspective shifter.

I cannot heal anyone. I cannot save anyone. I share my knowledge and space. I allow my vibration to be the access point for other's to rise into when I'm in alignment.

Love + Magic, Britt Johnson



Who were you before the world created your mind...

I am a woman with Scorpionic edges that are drenched in delicate rose oil. There is a wave of clearing stagnant energy and understanding polarity is needed.

Fire(Leo) meets water(Cancer) to douse us back into balance.This is duality.
My love language is touch. And with a tenderness, I still allow my voice to shift into a fiery roar.
This is not from anger or Ego, this is from boundaries and worthiness.

What we see within the reflection of ourselves, can hide us from our light. We are a part of all that is.

The I AM is you.

This dimension can cloud our vibrant aura that spreads far and wide. This is purposeful so we can experience what it is to be a physical creator. To see from the eyes of a creature such as the Lion, we must remember we are worthy to take up room. To be heard and seen.

The enter each space unapologetically within our solidarity, creativity and vision towards ascending -our hearts must open to give and receive.

There is a new current shifting us into the Golden Age. Activating us in ways we have never felt as human beings.

Love + Magic, Britt Johnson