If I gave the kind of time and energy some people want me to give, to explain my life choices and direction, I would spend countless hours wasting time reasoning and defending, the experience I desire to live.

If you do not understand someone's path, that is okay.
If you do not agree with someone's path, that is okay.
If you do not wish to take the same road they have traveled, this is also okay.

If you have an opinion over someone's life because you are miserable and don't want to make conscious decisions to change your own, that is NOT okay.
If you spend more time behind a computer screen complaining, rather than having a constructive voice or action towards change, that is NOT okay.

What we need to experience in this life is just for us.
If you need to take the hard, long route into clarity - so be it.
If you need to repeatedly make the same mistakes, follow the same patterns and repeat yourself until you learn who you are - it is what you need to do.

However we choose to live will teach us, no matter what road is traveled.

There is no wrong path, just not the one others may agree on or approve of for you.
This is their problem, not yours.
Sometimes we even have to check ourselves back in and remember to stay in our own lane.
Keep our mouth shut more, learn to be understanding, patient and kind.
Sometimes, you have to choose to silence your words towards those judging your path and give zero fucks about their views.

My forward, vulnerable words may make some uncomfortable, I know.
My openness to share my skin makes others uncomfortable, I know.
My desire to share love, peace and harmony irritates some, I know.

I hear all the time, " It isn't that easy, Brittany."
But in reality, it is.
Love, will shift the world.
No one will change my mind about this.

And the shift begins with those who think this way.

Imagine a world where the cynic turns into the voice of love and acceptance.
A world that never has a vision of a half empty glass.
Because everyone realizes that from the inside, they can make their own cup runneth over.

Sometimes we sit back and look at those we love and think, what the fuck are they doing!
But, look back at your own life and piece together the brilliance and beauty of the design made by your mistakes.

And ask yourself this, how would I know who I am now..... if I couldn't feel what I wasn't, back then.

Britt Johnson

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