There is a wildness growing within the Divine Feminine of the world... can you feel it?

Women are born with the gift of restorative release.
Our bodies contain a world of intense creative powers in the depths of our being.
We are now re-learning how to tap into this sacred power.
Your womb tells forgotten truths and messages from Mother Earth, ones that you have yet to discover about yourself.

The first steps are always the hardest ones.
Owning our feminine power and regaining self-worth, is the first and most painful step. It is the progressive movement of looking at your naked body day by day, and shifting your mind from what you feel is imperfect, into what makes your feminine power rise from inside.
Our inner knowing and intuition, knows this truth.

But our society and standards of perfection, have convinced us otherwise. We are working through conditioning, old patterns, and an over-stimulated masculine world. But there is a vibration of energy that only women carry within.
A vibration that radiates earthly beauty, rapturous flow, harmonious voices and divinely imperfect structures.

Every month we bleed. We bleed out what no longer serves us. We allow our bodies to guide us into surrender. We let go, we flood our emotions in tears, joy and sometimes anger.
Yet we hold tight and we ride this wave of release. And even when our flow has stopped or our reproductive organs may no longer reside in our bodies, the energy still flows and releases through us.

Unfortunately, for some women the conditioning is so deep, they feel shame instead of sacredness. As small girls we hear: keep your legs closed, that is not how ladies act, your period should be hidden, girls don't think about sex like boys.

Because of this deeply integrated conditioning, women pause and sometimes stop completely, this flow of energy from releasing. This act of feeling as though medications or devices that regulate our menstrual cycle are beneficial, does not serve our greatest good any longer.

My personal story consists of a heavy, painful and depleting menstrual flow as an adolescent. My cramps would make me physically sick and somewhere alone I would retreat into a fetal position, crying out for help.

I realized later within my life that my body didn't hate me, it was talking to me. I did not have a healthy relationship with my body, mind, voice, or emotional state of being during that time. I let close relationships dictate my mood, behavior and mental clarity.

I manifested pain within my womb and that pain was trying to wake me up.
Women are the nurturers of this earthly world. With our feet planted in the earth with a balance of the elements, we are unstoppable.

The Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, contain our self-worth, creative + sexual expression; planting our souls to Mother Earth. When we are asleep to this awareness, our pelvic bowl entraps pain, loss, confusion and illness.

When these chakras are balanced and moving in their true clockwise motion, pain will never exist. Our cycles are not meant to be painful. We are not cursed with a bleeding plague of shame once a month. We are blessed with a form of letting go that only the feminine can harness.

It is time to flow with the moon, tap into our sexual, creative + wild power within. It is time to listen, trust and ask our body for guidance. When a women is tapped in to her intuitive nature, she is a force that cannot be stopped. Desires you have been manifesting will flow to you.

And peace will wash over your being like a wave washes onto the shore.
It is time, brave woman! Take you power back and follow your Divine Feminine nature.

Britt Johnson

Ways To Ignite Your Wild Feminine Power Everyday

  • Arise in the morning, stand in the mirror naked and say out loud just how beautiful your body is, there is no body created just like yours; you are a glorious creation.
  • Remind yourself that your spirit + body are one. What you put into your body daily, is an honoring of yourself. Be kind to your being and give it sustenance that it craves.
  • Remember that pleasure will bring you back to your center. Indulge in a lavender infused bath, take a walk outside, create art and remind yourself that being selfish, is not always a bad thing. We must put our well-being first, in order to receive what we desire most.
  • Go outside, no matter the weather for at least 20 minutes a day. Stand barefoot, close your eyes and inhale deep from within your diaphragm. Remind yourself that you are one with Mother Earth and all living creatures.
  • Dance naked, dance in clothes that give you life, dance alone, dance with sisters, dance with a lover or all of the above. Our bodies want to move, flow and sync with the rhythms of our hearts. Move your sexy body as much as you can!
  • Sensuality is the Divine Feminine portal. This does not need to refer to sex. Our sensuality comes from within. It is how we make ourselves feel, on our own. Dress yourself in an outfit that makes you feel sexy, alive and vivacious. Making yourself feel beautiful will help lift your soul.
  • Remember, you are both masculine and feminine. You are soft, yet powerful. Be the nurturer and the powerful way-maker that stands her ground and creates pathways. Requiring validation from others, only takes away our power. Repeat after me, I AM full, complete and whole. I AM protected, watched over and valued. I AM here for a divine purpose and I deserve all that I seek. And so it is.