During a time of this whirl wind of transforming energy, we as women are finding the courage to stand on the edge of fear. To raise our voice with a grounded presence. To rise our fist with a proud, yet loving roar. To help guide humanity into a new age of connective awareness.

On most days, the power within me feels risen, enormously extroverted + magnificent. But on days where shadow work is dominating, doubt of my true power within takes over my mind, and feeling the loss of so many things that bring me comfort; I fall to my knees.

Shadow work is a part of this journey. It can fill you with fear and try to run away with your true self- awareness. True shadow work is a mirror held in front of you. Face-to-face you are with your hidden shame, anger, debilitating fears + your ego attempts to prove to you that it is real. This kind of growth can face you with two stories. One is of love, connection, worthiness and truth. The other is of fear, loss, abandonment and deceit. One is the energy of your inner being and the other is a false belief. It is the opposing energy that your inner being will not sway towards.

Faced with these tasks, you are able to better realize what has been hidden within, causing you self-sabotage. Within this life we are continuously given an unlimited about of pathways, resources and desires to manifest. There are too many desires to accomplish in one lifetime. The true test is to stay aligned with our inner being consistently enough, that we will pull these desires into our reality. 

And this is how we rise, as individuals.

Not just as women facing this new age of conflict, change and awareness by standing our ground - but by the collective knowledge and realization that our non physical reality is the more dominant reality. 

Meaning, our thoughts and actions from within our mind and energy towards them, is what manifests our desires and brings forth what we seek into the physical. 

Our shadow work, our self-defeating thoughts and self realizations guide us back home to ourselves. The conscious act of self-healing. self-awareness and inner work, will set us free. But this is the hard part about being conscious. Awake to a world of energy, the law of attraction, higher self connection, and synchronicity; comes at a price.

The price of letting go of timelines, old stories, old patterns and the obsession of needing control. We have to begin to truly understand that life can flow to us, we do not have to barge our way through life. As a healer I know that I have chosen a life of continuous inner work. With every soul that comes forth towards me I will grow, release and shed layers with them. I will see myself more clearly with each encounter I align with. I have chosen to consciously live a life of consistent inner work and growth. 

If we all choose to do our individual work first, dive into ourselves and feel the collective support while we do this, we become whole together once more.

And this is how we will rise, together.

Britt Johnson