Awaken the knowledge within from lifetimes before as a SACRED space holdeR

JUNE 3, 2017



(open to men + women)

Located in the Paseo Area of Oklahoma City

we are infinite beings with AN infinite AMOUNT OF knowledge that LIVES dormant within us.

This workshop is not a certification of any kind. I personally believe that we are all space holders within this lifetime, if we choose to be. For many heart-opening ceremonies, we do not need to go through hours of training, or spend hundreds of dollars. All that is needed is to be guided back home towards the knowledge that is already within you, decide to focus on opening your loving and vibrant heart-center, and have a true desire to help others return home to their inner power + wisdom.



  • Guidance in Cacao preparation and the heart-opening properties it contains
  • Cleansing + centering techniques for ceremony preparation
  • Re-learning how to stand in your power as a space holder/lightworker
  • Guided meditations to share in ceremony
  • Ways to better channel through your Higher Self
  • Guided Chakra Meditations
  • Holding space as the teacher + student


Cleansing a space before any type of ceremony or gathering is so very important. As souls within physical bodies, we carry with us energies of our daily lives. Some energies do not belong to us and are not desired. We will discuss space cleansing before the ceremony, when participants arrive + the continuation of cleansing through your energy field during each ceremony. 

flower of life.jpg


Within these bodies lives a portion of our souls that may have walked on this Earth plain hundreds of times. Our consciousness is more complex than we will ever be able to comprehend as a human being. I believe that we are re-learning what we have known lifetimes before. A sacred wisdom and knowledge that we omit even within our daily lives, both consciously + subconsciously.  We are all here to form relationships with one another to help to spark this innate flame within once more.


Due to the nature of this workshop, there will be no refunds. In the event that we would need to reschedule the entire workshop, we would immediately work on a rescheduled date. At that point, a refund would be issued. Reasons would include: a weather related circumstance and/or an emergency at the facility.