Cosmic Woman PNG.png

We are all beautiful creatures from the stars. Both men and women on this Earth come from the galaxies and planets light years away. Each one of us holds an essence and medicine within our being to bring forth for this new age of humanity.

Woman are the creators of life. The portal between realities. And we are here to remind the world of this very truth. Woman are not here to take control. We are here to help restore balance, duality and empathy. The balance of masculine and feminine within ourselves, and within the collective. We bring the essence of power and nurturing. Intensity and humility. Life and death. 

Each woman who awakens to her innate essence, will help a planet shift its consciousness back to a unified collective of love.


A series of women from the cosmos share their magic, alchemy & sensuality. Bringing to light their inner essence & energy for the expansion  of consciousness.

We are made from lifetimes of experiences. Downloads of knowledge from galaxies beyond our comprehension. We are energy, love, light and bright colors that fit tightly into human bodies. We are everything we have ever wished for.