This is a howling call for any woman who has been following her path, leading through her heart and embracing her Alpha Female. A creative who desires to break through limiting beliefs and be fully seen. This is an opportunity to share your story, divine purpose, passion and individual essence with other’s.
5 women will be selected over a span of 6 months to be a part of this project. Each woman will have their travel, styling and accommodations paid for by Sony.

Each woman will go on an expansive inner and outward journey with Britt Johnson for a conceptual photo shoot based on their Astrology aspects. This is an opportunity to lean in, go outside of your comfort zone and show your unique brilliance to the world. At the end of the 6 month period, each individual will have their photos displayed at an Alpha Female Exhibition held by Sony in both LA and NY. A story of photographs will display your individual astrological blueprint and shed light on your divine mission.

Una - Lioness of the Sun

Una - Lioness of the Sun



Option 1: Submit a 500 word or less essay describing how you now embody your Alpha Female strength, how you became empowered, and how you outwardly express your personal power into the world to help other’s.

Option 2: Submit a 3 minute or less video instead of a written essay.

Cosmic Essence Photography Series

Cosmic Essence Photography Series



Be prepared to travel within 3-4 weeks, if you are chosen. Each months winner will be announced 1 week after submissions open. The location and shoot will be held at the end of the following month.

Una - Lioness of the Sun

Una - Lioness of the Sun



It takes courage to share your authentic voice and heart. If you do not get chosen, you may try again for each month that follows. Most importantly, carry that passion and open-heart into every aspect of your life. You are magnificent no matter what!

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(Not in order of travel)

Sanibel Island, Florida

Sequoia National Park, California   

Glacier National Park, Montana

Sedona, Arizona

Neptune’s Secret Garden, Cannon Beach, Oregon


Name *
I am 21 years or older. *
Current Address *
Current Address
* Begin the essay with "My name is_____and my Sun Sign is_____."
* Begin the video with "My name is_____and my Sun Sign is_____." *Make sure you do not have the settings set to private mode.
I understand that if I am chosen, I must be flexible with my schedule and able to travel within 3-4 weeks time. I understand if I am unable to travel or meet the requirements, my spot will be forfeited. I understand and agree with all the terms and conditions listed below. *


  • WHO CAN ENTER? Women within the U.S. that are 21 years and older.

  • IS THIS FOR WOMEN ONLY? Yes. The fellowship Alpha Female created by Sony, was created specifically for women. After this 6 month period, the Cosmic Essence Series will officially open to men as well.

  • DO I NEED TO BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD? Yes. During this life we need a little bit of time to remember our inner knowledge and have life changing experiences. While our 20’s are also about this time as well, we understand there are some very young women doing amazing things within this world at this time.

  • DO I NEED TO BE A US CITIZEN TO ENTER? Yes. We will be utilizing travel expenses for U.S. states only.

  • DO I NEED A PASSPORT? No. All locations are within the U.S. You will need a valid ID for your flight.

  • HOW WILL THE SUBMISSIONS BE JUDGED? A panel of 5 women within the House of Pleiades community will examine each entrant. The women are photographers, writers, chefs and influencers within their community. The essays/videos will be judged by the following: delivery of authenticity, impact and creativity of personal story, emotional response by the empowerment of delivery, and how the individual best utilizes their Alpha Female strength within their community.

  • WHERE WILL I BE STAYING? You will stay within the same condo, cottage, room or hotel with Britt Johnson and her assistant. Each person will have their own bed.

  • CAN I BRING SOMEONE WITH ME? Yes. They will have to book their own flight and accommodations.

  • WHO IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER? Britt Johnson. You can learn more about here Here.

  • WHAT WILL BE COVERED? Flight, accommodations, transportation, styling and food for the winner only.

  • HOW IS THE TRAVEL LOCATION SELECTED? The first step the winner will complete is having their Astrological Chart complete and reviewed over Skype. By the dominant elements and placements in the chart, the location will be chosen. We realize there will be one location left at the end and the last winner will go there no matter what. We will still choose the winner by the criteria above.

  • DO I NEED TO HAVE ANY MODELING EXPERIENCE? Absolutely not. This experience is for all ages over 21 years old and women of all shapes, sizes and nationalities.

  • HOW MANY TIMES CAN I ENTER? You can submit an essay or video for each of the 5 months.

  • HOW MANY WINNERS WILL THERE BE? There will be 5 winners over the next 6 months.

  • WILL I HAVE ALL RIGHTS TO MY PHOTOGRAPHS? Yes. Britt Johnson will make sure you receive all rights to the selected photographs that will be displayed. For any outside publication other than your personal use, will you need her approval.

  • WILL I HAVE TO SIGN A MODEL WAIVER? Yes. Before your flight is booked, you will have to sign a Model Release Form. This will state you give Britt Johnson the rights to use the images in the future for marketing purposes, and gives you the rights to your photos as well.

  • HOW WILL MY PHOTOGRAPHS BE DISPLAYED? Each photograph chosen by Britt Johnson for the exhibitions, will be displayed in story form. Showcasing your Astrological Blueprint as best as possible. The images will be used on her personal websites, social media and further marketing.

  • WHAT HAPPENS IF I CAN’T LEAVE WITHIN 3-4 WEEKS? Before you enter your submission, understand that flexibility is absolutely necessary for this experience. We must know within 2 weeks of the travel date if you cannot join us. Your trip will be considered forfeit if you can’t guarantee availability.

    If your question was not answered above, email us at