The truth already lives inside of you. Like a seed waiting to burst open into the light.
— Britt

Britt makes it her mission to emphasize the importance of following your own inner guidance system.

She is here for love, insight and to help you shift effortlessly out of resistance through pattern recognition and mind/body healing. She focuses on the energy that helps each individual dive into their emotional body, and remember their inner power of true worthiness to be alive. Allowing for the integration of our individual energies of duality to intertwine and become more balanced.

Britt has been able to tap into energies, astral travel within dreams and has felt as though the stars were more like home from a very young age. She began to notice the patterns and conditioning of her parents and the healing properties nature has for our mind, body and soul.

For each individual and their souls mission, there are many ways in which our Higher Self or Spirit will relay messages. Each session will vary depending on what the individuals needs are. Channeling/invoking methods, astrology, sound healing or tarot may be incorporated into each session. All tools in which connect us and allow for a clearer understanding.

Britt does not believe in talk therapy as a way to solely clear patterned thoughts. She believes we can get to the root of a pattern without having to relieve the trauma over and over again. We must face certain traumas, but it is not necessary to repeat stories over and over again of the cause of the trauma.

Our body stores energy that becomes stagnant within our aura field. I help humans learn how to acquire the tools to guide these energies in a healing direction on their own.
— Britt









*Each session will begin with any topic you would like to focus on. There is no subject that is off limits. Every session unravels beautifully, as Spirit guides the way it is meant to unfold. Come forth with an open heart, mind and the desire to shift into positive alignment.



Our mind and body is connected, they are not separate.
Illness is caused by suppressed emotions that can be healed by accepting who we are as an individual, forgiving others and finding daily gratitude within this experience.
— Britt

Shadow Work is a process of diving into the subconscious in order to let go of unconscious patterning within our current experience. This process is for those who are ready to take the leap, look within their inner child wounds + learn to release these circumstances with acceptance, understanding + love. We are not the stories we keep repeating over and over again. And the strength we each contain within to overcome our obstacles, is waiting to surface. The choice to move through pain, tap into our highest power and live the life we want to live - is how we ultimately unravel from our false self.

Session 1 -  We will tap into the emotional body. Navigating towards childhood traumas + triggers that have become patterns within your reality. After this session, you will receive instructions on how to continue exploring within and healing before we meet again. 

Session 2 - We will speak on the release and cord cutting aspects of the healing process, along with forgiveness. As well as, focusing on the importance of the acceptance of your life path, and letting go of the stories that were created by your programming.



This is a 2 part session. (90 minutes each)

Diving into Shadow Work means you’ve made the conscious choice to become more aware of your unconscious choices. It means you are taking your power back.



astrological recordings + CHANNELING


I’ve had the privilege of attending several of Britt’s ceremonies, as well as, receiving a personalized birth chart reading. Starting with the ceremonies, from Full Moon Gatherings to Cacao Ceremonies, gathering in a circle lead with Britt’s divine wisdom, feels like a soothing balm on a weary soul. She channels spirit in a way that is genuine, honest, and allows space for every individuals healing. I have met women and men who’s spirits I didn’t know existed anywhere, much less in Oklahoma. Being surrounded by that much compassion and understanding is something that we all deserve to feel. Britt is woo woo as fuck, but her humor and wit allows her to feel completely relatable. There’s no unattainable, holier than thou judgment in her presence. As for my birth chart reading, the depth of knowledge about Astrology and human behaviors based on my star chart that Britt was able to tap into is unbelievable. I keep the print out she gave me of the details in my chart at my meditation altar and find myself referring to it often. Any service or moment spent with Britt, is guaranteed to put a mirror in front of you and force you to confront your shit. When you’re ready to do that, there is no more kind, honest, and knowledgeable soul to help you along on that journey.
— Adrienne P.

To say that Britt has been a massive seed of expansion planted in my life the last 3 years, is a complete understatement. Without even having spoken before, she connected with me to unknowingly ask me to step into one of my deepest fears: public speaking. In this moment I considered blocking her and this request, to go about my small shelled life. This was the beginning of my personal evolution, and in this season was the first time I truly felt my own POWER. Do you know your life can radically change when you get a taste of your own personal power? Since then she has been my go-to guru (and I use that term with humble awareness that she’s channeling from the realest guru, Source). From astrology, to shadow work, to religious inquires; I value Britt’s insight, and so deeply honor her work in this lifetime to bring the highest good into the lives of everyone around her.
— Lacy C.
Britt is a gifted intuitive who is able to connect to that invisible sea of energy from which she provides guidance. Her bold, raw approach can provide a new perspective you may be looking for. She operates from a place of love and compassion.
— Elle B.
I attended Britt’s Cord Cutting workshop, which brought transformational healing to me while I was coping with a devastating heartbreak. It was as if together we unearthed boulders of pain and pushed them out into the sea. Britt has an extraordinary gift for guiding women to claim and call on their own divine power. I have learned so much from her in this workshop as well as the other sessions she facilitates.
— Molly O.
There is no one better than Britt to help guide you to truth by showing you the B.S. you are contending with. Her energy puts you at ease and opens you up to new perspectives. She is genuine and encourages you to be you. I can dispense with my masks - lay myself wide open- and know that I am secure and safe in her presence. By allowing me to be me- unafraid- has lead me to recognize the true power that lies dormant within me, and the love that resides in each and every person. She strives to bring that awareness and authenticity out to the world one person at a time. I’m incredibly thankful for her guidance and friendship.
— Mario R.
I get up at 5am and go non-stop until 10pm. I’m involved in multiple businesses, speaking gigs, special interest groups, writing books, learning languages and many many more activities. I could not do this without being able to stay spiritually grounded in my true purpose. Working with Britt was an absolute pleasure as she guided me to define ways to stay true to myself and remain authentic in pursuit of my purpose.
If you’re in need of finding your purpose and learning to live in your own skin I would highly recommend Britt! I walked away from every single session refreshed, renewed and refocused for the next week! It’s definitely worth it!
— Jake B.
Britt is so raw, real and able to get down and touch the heart of a matter. Her no-nonsense way of being one with spirit and keeping it human all at once, is refreshing in a world where so many want to keep it light; avoiding the shadow work necessary to feel whole in this human experience. She called me out on something very personal that I’d been holding onto and now I can do the work to let it go.
— Jenifer S.
Ah, Britt is magic! I reached out to her during a trying time in my life. She creates a safe and inviting environment, while guiding you to step back and take an overview of your current life. Through working with her, it quickly became clear that I needed to dig deeper inside myself to unleash old wounds I had been holding onto. I was instantly impressed with her ability to get to the root of my issues through thoughtful conversation and knowledge. I am honored to be connected to such a beautiful being.
— Roiya S.

Disclaimer: the views, intentions and visions seen by Britt Johnson are seen through heart-centered guidance and love. The streaming messages she sees are based on her intuition, the guidance of spirit guides and her/your higher self.  Information that streams to her is subjective information. It is always the individuals choice to change their experience (life), at all times.