The Divine Feminine of this planet is linked with the Moon. We have forgotten the practices that were acquired throughout many lifetimes as wild, powerful women + it is time to remember. Through each month that passes, we begin and end cycles that do not serve us. We shed layers, introduce new intentions + release ourselves from old patterns. During this workshop, we will gather as women to re-learn the rhythm of our menstrual cycle + honor the Moon and her expanding phases.


MARCH 4, 2018



(women only)

Located in the Paseo Area of Oklahoma City



Within each phase within a 28-30 day cycle, we can tap into a deeper understanding towards ourselves + our path. We will discuss each phase our bodies experience within this cycle: Menstrual Phase, Follicular Phase, Ovulatory Phase + Luteal Phase.



We will discuss ways to track our menstrual cycles, re-learn + get to know our bodies once again, and sync back with the rhythm of either the New or Full Moon. 



We will discuss the ways in which alternative menstruation tools (menstrual cups) effect our bodies, help realign our flow + sync us back with the Moon.



  • Flower Essence Medicine
  • Discuss how each moon phase effects our mood, vibration + internal rhythms
  • Discuss how to calculate and track our individual menstruation cycle
  • Discuss the use of menstrual cups + the positive ways it helps us align with our bodies
  • Discuss moon bath rituals + ways to re-learn our bodies natural rhythm through water cleansing
  • Discuss ways to know your body intimately enough to eliminate unnatural birth controls 
  • Discuss pelvic floor blockages + release

If you are a woman that no longer has a menstrual cycle and would still like to join us, we would love to have your energy and presence at this workshop. Our bodies are still cycling energy and the moons rhythms, even when our shedding has stopped or reproductive organs have left our physical body.

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.
— Munay-Ki

Through a history of painful periods that lasted up to 7 days and almost two decades of not knowing my body, I had enough. My body was trying to talk to me but I was not ready to listen. After hearing the internal call to remove an implanted IUD Birth Control that I had for over 5 years, I am experiencing my bodies magnificence once again. I am now synced back with the Full Moon each month, I know what day my body will release the beautiful blood flow it creates. And I now feel when my body is most extroverted, introverted or fertile. Our menstrual cycle is a gift that the masculine of the world will never be able to experience, nor understand. I decided it was time to honor this flow and release myself within this life; shame free. I realized that soon after I began to dive into the brilliance of my body, that the power in which it made me feel was immeasurable. I hope you join me in the re-learning of the inner instincts we possess + be gently guided back towards the sacredness that is your moon cycle. 

Love + Magic,

Britt Johnson


Due to the nature of this workshop, there will be no refunds. In the event that we would need to reschedule the entire workshop, we would immediately work on a rescheduled date. At that point, a refund would be issued. Reasons would include: a weather related circumstance and/or an emergency at the facility.