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There is a divine space living within the fibers of each man and woman, waiting to be unhinged from self-doubt, self-defeating thoughts, shame and false projections of unworthiness. The life force energy found within each soul living within this human experience, is our healing connection that binds us together as one. We can each offer our bodies and heart-center in the most pure form when internal healing is taking place. When we can see one another as a beautiful mirror and move our minds away from a lifetime of conditioning; we help one another bloom. The practices within Sacred Sexuality, help us to return home to a space of pleasure. The desire for pleasure is an innate gift within us from the time we are born onto this planet. All things are born from pleasure and all things we desire to acquire, we do so for pleasure. It is time we stop running away from these beautiful bodies and embrace our primal, sensitive and expansive sexual nature.