Diving into your emotional depths through your Natal Moon

4.11.19 | 6:30PM



At your birth, the Moon sat within a sign and house at a specific degree. The Moon position within your Astrological Blueprint governs your emotional body and what is hidden beneath our intricate surface. This feminine energy is what pulls the tides outside and inside of us. Our deepest desires and needs can be felt and understood better once we understand what sign/house our Moon is placed. Every 2-3 days, the Moon changes signs and so does our ever changing desires and moods.

Understanding these innate rhythms helps us to understand ourselves.

Our sexuality isn't just pertaining to our sexual nature, it is the drive to act within our personal power on a daily basis. It is our creative self-expression and individual energy. Once we understand the shadow and light sides of our Moon placement, we can then understand the emotional balance we seek within this lifetime.




You will receive a deeper look into which of the 12 Zodiac Signs your Moon sits, as well as, the element and degree.


Each Zodiac Sign sits within a House within your Astrological Blueprint. We will discuss what this means for your emotional balance, creativity and sexuality.


The Moon helps us keep the balance of emotions, learn from these contrasting energies, and use them to our advantage. She reminds us that when in balance we thrive and when we are not in balance, we become fearful.


  • A printed copy of the sign and house your moon sits

  • How the Moon rules the shadow and light sides of your sexuality, creativity and emotional stability

  • Conditioned blocks within the emotional body

  • Moon phases and their effects within our internal rhythms

  • Invoking your sexuality/creativity through your moon placement

(open to men and women)


Transparency: this workshop will NOT be one that skims across the surface, vague or timid in any way. If you are ready to dive into the expansion of your sexuality and creativity through this energy flow, join us. If this triggers you, makes you feel uncomfortable or shy away, move forward only if it feels right.
Just know that once you get past the uncomfortable, you will begin to liberate yourself.


Due to the nature of this workshop, there will be no refunds. In the event that we would need to reschedule the entire workshop, we would immediately work on a rescheduled date. At that point, a refund would be issued. Reasons would include: a weather related circumstance and/or an emergency at the facility.