The Wild Feminine

Ever since I could remember there was something inside me more powerful than myself.

A feeling of sexual curiosity, feminine energy, deep, rooted self-love and confidence that I didn’t

know what to do with. It started to become quite innate, rather normal and comfortable up until

people and media began telling me what to do with that energy, how to oppress my sexual

desires and who I should be other than myself – WILD.

I used dance as a way of expressing that sensual goddess-like flame inside me. Something I

knew that was a lot stronger in me than the young women I surrounded myself with. It wasn’t

something I talked about or could even comprehend. I could just feel it, waiting to be unleashed.

At times this wild feminine would start to rise to the surface and I grew smarter at ways to keep

those urges submerged. For what though? For who? Someone else’s comfort? Because it was

morally right?

As years went on and more oppression took place I noticed the wild feminine in me only grew

stronger. It would surface unexpectedly and I liked the taste of it. I wanted more of it. It gave me

a sense of coming home to the person I always thought I knew and familiarized myself with. I

began letting go of the judgment of others. Letting go of what society considers safe and

pleasant. I wasn’t born that way. These fibers within me hold stories, truth, desires, strength,

and a rebel cause to do what I came here to do. – Be WILD.

I now embrace HER, confide in HER, encourage HER to come out and play. I know the women

who came before me would be proud. I’ve learned to use this newfound power, vulnerability and

voice to reach others trapped in their own oppression. I could not have been freed without the

help of my sisters. This tribe of wild feminine is growing. We are coming forth in this new age

cleansing ourselves from the years of patriarch. The time is now. RISE UP, RELEASE,

EMPOWER… the wild feminine is waiting for you to love her and show her to the world.

Copyright - Bailee O'Brien


I am 

sheer revelry

amidst the winds ...and silences

I am

all creatures

padding - flying - galloping - swimming

across the seas ...and mountains

This temple 

is open for worship

and I bow down

to this force of nature

that is ...ME

The ringing in my ears

harkens the arrival

of all the souls

I’ve embodied before


I cry

and stand naked


trembling ...with excitement

This will not be stealthy

I will not be quiet

Nor lie down and “endure” ...for one minute more

Perhaps you were mistaken

to believe me demure

or simply here

for your pleasure

Now…hear me ROAR!

I will not be dismissed

or ignored



or thrown away ...when you get bored

I will not stand by

while you 

destroy my home

this Grand Planet ...we’ve been bestowed

I dream of the day

when your war

exhausts you

to the point of retreat

and I can finally

soothe and tend

the scars

you beat into me

slashed and torn

and yet 

...I will rise

On heroine wings

Like the sun

the moon

the birds

into the sky

just shy …of heaven

Laugh if you will

but know

the time of your demise has come

and you will wither

...neath the brush of my hands

There is nowhere 

you can go

that will elude

the boundaries  ...of love

Your surrender imminent

I will not be quiet

as you lay down your arms

I will sing loudly

Your birth song

as we lay to rest

all the tragedies

atrocities long suffered

and rebuild our home

together …walking as one.

Copyright 2017 - Jenifer Jane Silence

Wild Feminine 

There's a fire that burns within her

Fed by a pulsating wild energy that penetrates every ounce of her being 

She is wild 

And free

She loves hard

And feels deeply 

She doesn't conform to society's standards 

But lives by the natural rhythms of the universe

She ebbs and flows 

She waxes and wanes

She runs with the wolves and sleeps with the moon 

She is the light

and the darkness 

She is masculine 

and feminine

She is god 

and goddess.

She is the sky 

and the earth. 

The moon

and the stars.

The plants 

and the animals.

The seen 

and unseen.

She is raw.







She is you. 

She is me.

She is us.

Copyright - Lindsey Melott

Wolves and women have much in common. Both share a wild spirit. Women and wolves are instinctual creatures, able to sense the unseen. They are loyal, protective of their packs and of their pups. They are wild and beautiful. Both have been hunted and captured. Even in captivity, one can see in the eyes of a woman, or a wolf, the longing to run free, and the determination that should the opportunity arise, whoosh, they will be gone.
— Women Who Run With Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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