What you will receive...

  • 6 or 12 week personalized course outline
  • 3-6, 1-2 hour consults at my home or via Skype (2 times per month)
  • Heart opening exercises + Cacao Ceremony (beginning and end of the course)
  • Personal Astrological Chart ( focusing on the North & South Nodes + Venus)
  • Voice guided Chakra meditations + Chakra gemstones
  • Introduction to guided intuitive + channeling practices
  • Bi-weekly email with affirmations + tarot reading
  • Shamana Flora Apothecary Tea
  • PHOTO SHOOT to conclude this course


Organic + Pure

I have carefully chosen individuals who create products from ethically sourced, organic sources. The individuals who put their heart and soul within their products and add their unique medicine and magical energy with every package. I believe what we put on and within our bodies effects our vibration, mood + daily balance.  


Purpose + Direction

The content provided to each individual, is for guidance on this beautiful path you chose to dive forth within. Our Astrological Chart is our blueprint within this life. Giving us each a helping hand in understanding our Dharma (path) a little better. Every source provided can be subjective. But the beautiful life we are living is all driven by many glorious perspectives. Choose what feels right, always.


Q:  How is this course designed to help me shift my life?

A: Through the contrast of my life choices + experiences, as well as, the mentors/ teachers within my life - I have shifted my reality.  We have to personally feel the changes and navigate them ourselves, while also being open to the allowance of others helping spark awake dormant knowledge within. I am here to hold space and relay the content I have accumulated, that is all. The true shift must be accomplished by your own doing. This course was created to help remind you of these forces within. Giving you the tools to continue to move forward and stay in alignment more consistently. 

Q: How do I know if I am ready for this course?

A: There is a calling within us that pulls us towards a fearless life. One that synchronizes us with the souls, circumstances + knowledge we need to create the lives we desire. If this course makes you feel excited, joyful + happy just thinking about the process to come - then you are ready!

Q: I am more of an introvert and like to keep things to myself. How much do I have to share or put myself out in the open?

A: What feels right in the moment, is your indicator.  I create a personalized, 12 week course through your energy, desires + needs within the now. We will never go beyond your comfort level, or beyond the experience you are seeking for yourself. This is not about how much I share or my vulnerability. This course is designed for your steps of growth and how big those are, is completely up to you.  As we move through each chakra and earth element, we will go at the pace in which feels as though there is no resistance.