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I have now attended two Cacao Ceremonies with Britt, and can say that they have helped me grow exponentially in both my personal and professional life. You don’t have to know anything about astrology, plant medicine, or meditation- just come with an open heart and Britt will share her knowledge with you. The environment that she creates is so loving and authentic. I come and feel listened to, and in turn have a greater desire to listen to others and give the same compassion I receive during the ceremonies. I leave feeling supported, graceful, and strong. Many confidence issues that I’ve had for years I have been confronting now thanks to being a part of this inclusive community dedicated to awareness, empowerment, and love.
— Hoku
I recently attended the Full Moon Cacao Ceremony hosted by Britt Johnson and experienced a truly transformative evening. From the moment I walked in, Britt guided me to a space to sit and welcomed each new member to our growing circle. As someone with social anxiety, I felt safe and tended to the entire ceremony. The entire workshop was an organic flow of energy between each of the souls that shared space together. This was my first time attending one of Britt’s workshops, and I’m looking forward to many more growing experiences.
— Hannah

Attending these workshops and gatherings is showing me a new perspective on healing. Being able to meet people that are on their own journey but are going through the same experiences, has been amazing. I only wish there were more gatherings done by Britt. The authentic relating parts of the workshops, pull out the real and raw human nature that all of us have forgotten. I want to bring everyone special to me, so that they can see that there is still hope for the human race.
— April
I’ve had the privilege of attending several of Britt’s ceremonies, as well as, receiving a personalized birth chart reading. Starting with the ceremonies, from Full Moon Gatherings to Cacao Ceremonies, gathering in a circle lead with Britt’s divine wisdom, feels like a soothing balm on a weary soul. She channels spirit in a way that is genuine, honest, and allows space for every individuals healing. I have met women and men who’s spirits I didn’t know existed anywhere, much less in Oklahoma. Being surrounded by that much compassion and understanding is something that we all deserve to feel. Britt is woo woo as fuck, but her humor and wit allows her to feel completely relatable. There’s no unattainable, holier than thou judgment in her presence. As for my birth chart reading, the depth of knowledge about Astrology and human behaviors based on my star chart that Britt was able to tap into is unbelievable. I keep the print out she gave me of the details in my chart at my meditation altar and find myself referring to it often. Any service or moment spent with Britt, is guaranteed to put a mirror in front of you and force you to confront your shit. When you’re ready to do that, there is no more kind, honest, and knowledgeable soul to help you along on that journey.
— Adrienne