SACRED SEXUALITY: The sacred space living within the fibers of each man and woman, waiting to be unhinged from self-doubt, self-defeating ways and false thoughts of unworthiness. The life force energy found within each soul living within this human experience. 
NATIVE MOVEMENT: The innate and instinctual rhythm that lives within each Goddess soul. A shifting movement found within that is fundamental to self-expression and self-love. A movement that incorporates yoga, different styles of dance and has tribal influence.

Hosted by Britt Johnson + Bailee O'Brien

April 9, 2017




Located in the Paseo area in Oklahoma City


Within every women is an innate calling to activate sacredness. An instinctual force of natural movement and a fierce voice from within that howls, "RISE DIVINE GODDESS & share your SPIRIT with the world."


This workshop will include:

  • Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
  • Astrological Aspect Overview (Sun, Rising, Moon + Venus)
  • Native Movement: Dance, Breath work, Yoga flow & Meditation
  • Group Discussion + Release
  • Organic Lunch, Water + Snacks (dietary needs upon request)
  • Photography Portraits shot by Britt Johnson
  • Sacred Sexuality + Tantra Practices 

 Bailee O'Brien will guide you into instinctual - free movement dance, yoga, breath work and meditation. Native Movement allows your body to move in a way that is instinctive, real, genuine, wild and natural, helping to release any built up negative energy or to pull in positive - healing energy. This type of movement incorporates yoga, different styles of dance, tribal influence and original self expression. Native Movement embodies self-love and appreciation. It's about creating confidence inside and out. It allows you to connect with those partaking in the movement. Once you have taken a Native Movement class you will feel more in tune with your body, more aligned with your path and more aware and connected to what's happening around you. The ego will be put to rest.

"Native Movement isn't just moving your body, it's a movement towards light, love and consciousness. Bring out the native in you anytime, anyplace. Let your hair down, go barefoot -- move your entire being." -Bailee O'Brien


Britt Johnson is the founder of  House of Pleiades. Britt makes it her mission to emphasize the importance of following and listening to your own inner guidance system.  Through her life experiences, clarity and understanding was created. She merely focuses on the energy that helps each individual dive into their emotional body, and remember their inner power more clearly. Through Sacred Sexuality and the life force energy of creativity, she now helps other women remember they too have this power dormant within themselves. 

"Once we let go of the stories we have been told by others during this life time, we begin to heal and align with our own inner being; our true self and power. Let's come together as women and hold a space of love, oneness and divine healing." - Britt Johnson

Our intention for this workshop is to help you activate your inner Goddess with the vulnerability of your words into release, movement, and your rising within sisterhood connections.

Love and Magic!

Bailee & Britt


“I really like the variety of personalities I’ve been introduced to within these gatherings. Love the cacao! Enjoy the burning/release ritual and guided meditation as well as the knowledge you share about the moon. I always leave feeling like my skin is glowing and I’m vibrating with energy.”
— Bridgette  S.
“I would love to attend another. I felt that sharing with everyone helped me open up more to my true self. I now feel that I am able to connect with others around me on a deeper level.” — Madison D.
“I really enjoyed this workshop SO much! Britt and Bailee have kind, open souls and it’s evident that they are both on the path of honoring themselves while holding sacred space for others in a passionate way.
Britt is so raw, and real and able to get down and touch the heart of a matter quickly. Her no-nonsense way of being one with spirit and keeping it human all at once is so refreshing in a world where so many want to keep it light and avoid doing the shadow work necessary to be whole in this human experience. She called me out on something very personal that I’d been holding onto and now I can do the work to let it go.
Bailee is fun, lively and so gentle in her nature. Her instruction and voice are a joy and her enthusiasm for movement and freedom of the body are just what the women of this time need!
Both of these women are powerhouses and I am SO glad that Spirit brought me to them! Keep up this grand divine work ladies!! I’ll be there for every event I can make!” — Jenifer J.
“I loved learning from Bailee and Britt!
If I could be half as good at facilitating groups as Britt I would be on FIRE.
They both did so good creating space for clarity and kinship that I am still finding
nuggets of goodness gleaned while there.” — Leslie M.
"This workshop nourished my soul and awakened my femininity! It was such an enriching experience, connecting with all of the women and relating to each one in some way was truly inspiring and empowering. I loved it and can't wait for another You.Are. Venus. gathering." — Ariande H.
"This was an amazing workshop! I enjoyed every minute of it and both Britt and Bailee were kind and knowledgeable. I hope there are more workshops to come. This was a genuine and open sisterhood to be a part of. Absolutely wonderful day spent with amazing women." — Kelsey

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this workshop, there will be no refunds. In the event that we would need to reschedule the entire workshop, we would immediately work on a rescheduled date. At that point, a refund would be issued. Reasons would include: a weather related circumstance and/or an emergency at the facility.