Certified Holistic Doula, Astrologer, Intuitive Space Holder + Creative

Currently living In Oklahoma



My name is Britt Johnson and I facilitate growth for souls living a human experience through my own inner guidance, learned lessons and love.

I currently assist woman in Oklahoma through their transformation as a witness during birth as a Certified Holistic Doula. Helping them into their role of Mother and welcoming a new wave of souls onto this planet.

I also assist individuals with womb healing, sacred sexuality and archetypal embodiment techniques with Goddess energies.

I am an Evolutionary Astrologer who guides humans through their planets and placements. My hope is this knowing will spark remembrance, healing and guidance within.

I am a Writer and creative who uses words and photography to hold space for healing and inner power remembrance.

And I am a space holder for shadow work/pattern recognition, energy alignment, and emotional connection through Authentic Relating.

Clairvoyant Ascension Guide + Shadow Worker + Astrologer

Space Holder: an individual who sets the energetic tone within a space, while leading through their heart and inner knowledge in order to assist with the ascension of those who surround them.


Offerings for women’s health through astrology, energy work, birth work/postpartum care and lunar rituals.



Workshops, gatherings and one-on-one intuitive support for vibration raising and pattern recognition through plant medicine + energy work.

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