Through your zodiac and planetary placements, you can find the beautifully complex path that you created for this incarnation on planet Earth. Through a partnership/mentorship with Astrologer Karla Gandy, we will come together and pull your individual journey from the stars. Your path is unique + beautifully constructed with precise detail. Basically, you did make a "manual" before you came here!

 As intuitive/empaths, we will incorporate our visions + feelings towards your planetary placements as well. You can choose either a partial, 30 minute reading focusing on the below aspects with Britt, or receive your entire chart + a reading covering any area you choose with Karla.


  • Sun + Rising/Ascending Sign
  • Moon Sign
  • North + South Node
  • Venus 

*30 minute reading with aspects above


Karla gandy

Complete Astrological Chart

  • Sun + Rising/Ascending Sign
  • Moon Sign
  • North + South Node
  • Chiron

Karla will speak on your entire chart and analyze your placements, while adding her intuitive insight on specific areas. (1 hour reading)

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