Through your zodiac and planetary placements, you can find the beautifully complex path that you created for this incarnation. Your path is uniquely constructed with precise detail that is not bound by time or space. You made a "manual" before you came here onto this planet. As an intuitively guided soul, I will also incorporate my visions towards your planetary placements. Specifically the ones in which I see connected to ways in which you can heal your mind/body connection. This type of Astrology is called Evolutionary Astrology. 


  • Sun, Ascending + Moon Sign (Primal Triad)

  • Significant House Placements (Stelliums)

  • North + South Nodes (Purpose)

  • Chiron + Pluto + Uranus (Healing)

  • Midheaven (Personal Focus)


(Skype or In-Person)

  • 1 PERSON - $75.00 (60 minute session)

  • 1 PERSON $90.00 (90 minute session)

  • COUPLE - $160.00 (2 hour session)



Within our Astrological Blueprint, we each contain all 12 signs within our chart. Each sign rules an aspect of our lives through the houses, and different parts/energy centers of our physical body. When we look into our chart, we can see correlations with how our path has unfolded and/or is unfolding, according to these placements.

For example: one of my clients who has a Libra Moon, is currently experiencing kidney issues. Within Astrology, Libra rules over the kidneys, skin and lower back. Libra’s ruler is the planet Venus which reigns over relationship, love and a sense of beauty. Libra is the peace-keeper sign of equality and cooperation. This sign emphasizes the need for harmony and balance within our lives, and within the collective as a whole.

Upon exploring his subconscious childhood memories (shadow work) and stored emotions towards both his Mother and Father relationship, we find that the root cause of his trauma has been suppressed within the lower three Chakra centers. (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus)

These mind, body and cosmic connections are nothing short of coincidental. Something I personally do not feel exists within this reality. Illness is the byproduct of the build up of stored unworthiness, denial of your true self and unhealed traumas. When there is a blockage of energy flow, our bodies stay within a state of flight-or-flight for too long. And within this state of distress, we cannot thrive. Oxytocin cannot flow naturally and our innately brilliant body begin to show signs of distress.

Astrology is a tool in which can guide us back into a state of understanding. It is not the cure or answer to our mind/body issues. But, it can help create a foundational stepping stone in which can bring us to a deeper sense of clarity and understanding.

We are gifted the beautiful gift of Astrology so we can learn ourselves at a deeper core level. It will not “fix” us. But bring to light what we already know lives within us.
— Britt